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 After more than 30 years in sales, sales management, marketing and training, Greta Schulz, CEO of Schulz Business has discovered the #1 most important factor in sales success is recruiting properly. 

About Greta Schulz

Greta Schulz is the president and CEO of Schulz Business SELLutions based in Palm Beach County, Florida. She has been involved in sales, sales management, marketing, and training for almost thirty years. She is a National columnist of “Sellutions” in over 30 Business publications across the country and a contributing author of New York Times bestseller Masters of Sales. Greta has her own bestseller she’s written called, “To Sell is NOT to Sell”. now in it’s second edition.

Greta has worked extensively with small businesses, as well as fortune 1000 companies and many professional firms. She has been seen on business talk shows on ABC and NBC. Greta is also one of the top rated Vistage speakers in the interest of sales growth.

Greta helps organizations improve their sales processes and build their businesses on referrals.

She is also a noted keynote motivational speaker speaking to large corporations and organizations around the nation.

After years of helping organizations build their sales processes, Greta had realized that the recruitment efforts of most organizations are very broken, therefore the priority has shifted to helping with proper and effective recruiting.

A business graduate of The University of Miami, Greta is happily married with 3 children.

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