How Much Does Your Employee Actually Cost?

What does it actually cost to hire the wrong candidate?

Cost of bad salespeople

How do you hire the right one?

How do you hire THE RIGHT ONE!

Here is a few of the list of questions that our assessment will address before you hire.

Do you know what the RIGHT answers are? It depends…

These questions and answers are set up based on YOUR needs!


What have you sold most often in your sales career?



How do you typically sell?



What level or an organization do you typically call on?



What is the most money annually you have made in your sales career (that if asked, you can prove with W-2)?



How have you been paid most often in your sales career?



What is the average cost of product/service or contract (which best applies) total that you have most often sold in your career?



How complex was the sale through most of your career, meaning were there several people involved in the decision process as well as taking quite a while to learn the product/services/processes?



What level of discounting had you most often needed to use to close the sale in your sales career?



How much competition do you encounter most often?



If you had competitors, where was your price as related to most of your competitor’s pricing?

 Plus many others…  


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